Lotus Candle Instruction Board


use_the_candle_step_1 This product should only be used by an adult. Place the candle firmly on the cake in an upright position. If you do not wish to have the “Happy Birthday” song play, cut the small wire on the top of the candle.
step2 When ready, ignite the larger center flame with the wooden “stick” enclosed in the box. To prevent injury, fingers should be BESIDE the area where the large center flame will ignite. The center flame is lit by touching the burning wooden stick on the “ignition area” which is the circular area in the center of the candle.
step3 The large center flame will burn a few seconds, long enough to light the remaining small candles which are attached to the petals. The petals will automatically drop when lit, in a few seconds.
step4 After the large center flame burns out the candle will turn in a circular motion and play “Happy Birthday” for a minute or so. After this, the small candles can be blown out. Do not let the small candles burn more than half of the way down before blowing them out.
step5 After the small candles are blown out, cut the small wire to make the music stop. Run water on the entire candle, then discard.